B2B2C SaaS


(Marketing Engagement, FR, Technical Advisor)
Technical strategy and architecture.
Java, REST APIs, JSP, MariaDB, Linux, Android, iOS


(Student Accommodation, CH, Technical Advisor)
Strategic consutlng, Functional analysis, Software architecture, QA
Node JS, Jira,Git, Linux...


(Facility-Management, US, Partner)
Strategy and business analysis



(Independent workers, US, CTO)
Strategy, Product design, PoC, Data modelling and architecture, Software architecture, Statistics and algorithms, Integration architecture
REST APIs, Node JS, MySQL, Big Data, BlockChain, Git, Linux



(Home-Services, CH, CTO)
Strategic consutlng, Functional analysis, Project management (2 team members + 3 offshore developers), Data architecture, Software architecture, Algorithms, Integration architecture, QA, Data-alignment (Accounting, Payroll, Adminstration), BI (CRM, Risk management), Hiring
Symfony, PHP, Youtrack, Git, MySQL, Linux, PCI compliance...


(Satellite images, with Enovant, US, CTO)
Product strategy, Project management (1 team member + 3 off-shore developers), Software architecture, Data modellng, Geographic indexing, Algorithms, Development, QA, ETL, Deployment, Support
Java, Flash, Oracle, Linux

Software publishing


(HP Labs, Asset Manager, France, Product Strategist - Product Expert)
Product functional analysis, modeling, technical architecture & integration (CMDB, Catalog management, Products nomenclature, Procurement, Software licensing management) of HP OpenView Asset Manager: Data architecture, Integrity, Reference data, Architecture of new modules (Management of asset batches, E-Provisioning, Budget-Management, Chargeback)
c++, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, SAP BO, SAP SE, integration with SAP MM, SAP FI & Oracle financial

Bank & finance

Credit Suisse

(Bank, CH, IT Consultant)
Functional analysis, Data modellng, Product strategy, Data migration, Architecture Audit of the CMDB, Application integration architecture (Reference data, Discovery, Help desk, Change management, Automation, Cost accounting, BI), Development, QA of the CMDB and Contract management
UML, HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It, Jira, Oracle, MS-Windows, Intranet...

Crédit Coopératif

(Bank, FR, IT Consultant)
Integration architecture (Reference data, Discovery) of the CMDB (with HP)
HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It


(Bank, UK, IT Consultant)
Technical Audit, Integration architecture (Reference data, Discovery, Accounting) & Optimization of the CMDB
HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It, HP-Enterprise-Discovery, Oracle


(Holding, France, CIO)
Project management and development of complex BI, legal and accounting applications
Pascal, Oracle OLAP

Industry & industrial services


(Chemistry, DE, IT Consultant)
Architecture (Data model, Workflows, Reference data, PoC) for the IT Asset Management and CMDB
HP Asset Manager, HP UCMDB, HP Connect-It, Oracle, Windows...


(Food, CH, IT Consultant)
Migration, Integration architecture (Reference data, Discovery, Electronic-Software-Distribution), Development, QA of the CMDB
HP Asset Manager, Tivoli, SCCM, MS Deployment Workbench, AD, SharePoint, HP-QualityCenter, HP-SM, HP Connect-It, MS SQL Server, Windows...


(Telecom, CH, IT Consultant)
Architecture for the Telecom management and Cost accounting for Credit Suisse
HP Asset Manager


(Energy, SA, Project Manager)
Project management (7 developers, 1000 Users) of a Procurement-, stock- and Change-Management-Application, Migration, ETL, Integration architecture (Reference data, ERP, Inventory), QA, Software architecture (Telecom)
HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It, Oracle, PL/SQL, SAP, MVS, MS Windows...

Chantiers de l'Atlantique

(Ship building, FR, IT Consultant)
Data and Software-Architecture
HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It


(Energy, FR, IT Consultant)
Data architecture of the CMDB, Integration architecture
HP Asset Manager


(Electric engineering, FR, IT Consultant)
IT strategic consutlng


(Telecom, US, IT Consultant)
Strategic consutlng and Architecture of the CMDB & ITSM
HP Asset Manager


(Printing, US, IT Consultant)
Implementation of the CMDB & ITSM for the US (2000 users) (with HP Enterprise Services)
HP Asset Manager

Les Repas Santé

(Catering, FR, CIO)
Architecture and project management of a specific Supply chain / Production management system: Production plans and materials management, Capacity planning, Procurement management, Stock management, Planning, Execution, Delivery logistics


Novalis Taitbout

(Insurance, FR, IT Consultant)
Support of an integration project (with Colombus Consulting)

Moissons Nouvelles

(Welfare, FR, IT Consultant)
Support of an integration project (with A2 Consulting)

CHS Le Mans, CHU Besançon, CHS Villejuif

(Healthcare, FR, IT Consultant)
Audit and Strategy of the IT-department (with Eurogroup)

UGECAM Nord-Pas-de-Calais

(Healthcare, FR, IT Consultant)
Audit and Strategy of the IT (with Eurogroup)

Groupe Accueil

(Healthcare, France, CIO)
IT strategy, project management

Centre d'Hémobiologie Périnatale

(Healthcare, France, IT Consultant)
Definition and RFP for a medical files management system (with Capgemini-Bossard)


(Hospital group, Paris, Project Manager, acting CIO)
Medical files, biological data server
Netware, Pick, DWH

Other services

Air France

(Transportation, FR, IT Consultant)
Functional analysis, Data architecture, Integration architecture, Algorithms for the ITSM sytem (CMDB, Procurement, Change-Management; 700 Users)
HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It, Oracle, Linux, Intranet, DWH...


(Transportation, NL, IT Consultant)
Functional analysis, Architecture of a new ITSM-system
HP Asset Manager, Intranet


(Trade, FR, IT Consultant)
Data architecture, Integration architecture of the CMDB
HP Asset Manager, HP Connect-It


(IT Engineering, FR, IT Consultant)
Migration consulting for the ITSM system
HP Asset Manager


(Media, FR, IT Consultant)
Audit of the Software architecture of the ITSM system
HP Asset Manager

Ministère des Finances

(Administration, FR, IT Consultant)
Software architecture, Integration architecture, QA
HP Asset Manager, Intranet

Ministère de la Justice

(Administration, France, IT Consultant)
RFP for the IT maintenance (with Capgemini-Bossard)